Santa Letter Template

A Santa Letter is an upbeat and lighthearted way of introducing excitement into your household during the Christmas period. They are informal and personalised to each child. Writing and receiving Santa letters usually signifies the start of the Christmas celebrations and for many children, letters to Santa can cause a lot of excitement and happiness.

How to write Santa Letters

How to write a letter to Santa

Do you remember all the excitement of the most wonderful time of the year? Letters to Santa are a way for children to embrace the Christmas spirit and tell Santa if they have been good or bad this year, and what they would like for Christmas. Some children can get a bit carried away but usually parents limit this to one page. Have a look at the letter to Santa template to adapt and change it to your style.

How to write a letter from Santa

Letters from Santa are the most important part of Santa Letters. A child will be filled with surprise and excitement once they receive a letter from Santa. This should also be an informal letter and you can add pictures if you wish. You should make reference to what the child has written in their original letter. Have a look at the letter from Santa template to gain some ideas on how to write a letter from Santa.

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