Letter to Santa Template

Before writing a Santa Letter, you first need to decide if you, your children or loved ones have been naughty or nice because Santa Claus is making a list and checking it twice! A Christmas letter to Santa is an informal way of asking for a few nice things for Christmas and a way of starting the Christmas spirit.  Take a look at this Santa letter template and let the Christmas spirit inspire you: writing a Santa Letter has never been so easy!

A template of a Letter to Santa Claus

Are you still unsure of why Santa letters are an essential aspect of Christmas for young children? Take a look at how to write a Santa letter for more ideas and tips on why they are an important part of a child's childhood, oe download our free printable letter to Santa template. Its the best time of year, after all we all wish it could be Christmas every day!

Do you want to write a letter from Santa? Check our letter from Santa template out to write the best reply to a child's letter to Santa Claus!

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Download Letter to Santa Template