Types of Notice Letters

A notice letter is a specific letter where you notify a company or person about something that has changed in your life. There are many different types of notice letters as people use notice letters for different things. Notice letters should include relevant and precise information.

Have a look at how to write a notice letter to learn about all the things you should and shouldn't include in a notice letter. You can send a notice letter to inform someone or a company about many things, such as change in name, termination of a contract of some sort or to inform someone of a death.

Types of Letter of Notice

The aim of a notice letter

The purpose of a notice letter is to give information about something. You are informing a person, company or business about changes that have happened or about information that they should know about.

The most common form of notice letter is the resignation letter. You are giving the company who you work for notice that you are ending your employment with them. This type of letter will start the termination of your contract.

There are many different types of notice letters and therefore each one has a different purpose. Have a look at the templates below and adapt them to your situation.

Notice letter templates

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