Notice Letter to employee template

You may have your own business and therefore employ several members of staff, if not more. You may need to send notice letters to some of your staff about many things during your time as a manager.

There will be many types of notice letters that you need to send to your staff, such as holiday entitlement, pension schemes and termination of contracts.

Being a manager or a boss of your own company can be a difficult challenge let alone sending out notice letters. Below is a template of a contract termination. There are many different variations but check out how to write a notice letter and follow the template to adapt it to the situation.

Employee Notice Letter


There are many different types of notice letters, but if you have the unpleasant task of sending out a termination of contract notice letter make sure you follow the basic rules of a notice letter to make the process less stressful.

Once you have written and chosen the required notice letter, take a look at handing in a notice letter to follow the process correctly.

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