What is a Notice Letter?

A notice letter is a piece of paper which gives the recipient information. A notice letter gives someone notice about certain information, for example if you decide to leave your job, you've changed your name, or if you are planning to move out. A letter of notice is a type of formal letter and is a way to provide someone with information and can be used in many situations.

There are some basic steps that you need to take when writing a notice letter. It should be formal, clear and precise according to the situation. I'm sure that you will benefit from learning how to write a notice letter and by learning this simple process, you will be very successful.

Letter of notice


Benefits of a Notice Letter

There are many benefits of a notice letter. It is a piece of written evidence that you have informed someone of your changes, for example termination of your job contract, a change in your name or address and informing a landlord that you are vacating the premises. What ever the reason it is always better to have a piece of hard evidence to cover yourself if anything goes wrong or if you verbally tell someone but after a while they forget.

It is more professional than verbally informing someone of a change. A notice letter is usually used in formal situations, even if you are friendly with the recipient, be it a landlord, boss or employee. Informing someone of a change by handing in a notice letter can make it more comfortable for those who are shy or feel self confident.

Ready to start writing? Have a look at the different types of notice letter and adapt one of them that is right for you!

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