Notice Letter to landlord template

When you are renting a flat, it is not often that you will stay there for many years. People often move around especially when they find new jobs and move cities. Therefore you need to notify the landlord of your departure. This is where a notice letter comes in.

You need to inform the landlord of your departure date and when your last rent payment is due. If you have paid a deposit, you also need to mention this in your letter and the process of getting it back.

Take a look at handing in a notice letter to see the process of sending a notice letter to the recipient!

Letter of notice template to landlord

Sending a notice letter to a landlord can be quite tricky as you need to make sure that it reaches the landlord. It is recommended to make two copies and keep one for yourself as evidence. Make sure you add the date as a reference.

Organise yourself before sending the notice letter, make sure the landlord will be at the specified address ready to collect your notice letter. You can also send an email if it is acceptable. It is at the discretion of the landlord if they accept an email as a notice letter.

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