Notice Letter for holiday template

When you want time off work you need to have it authorised. You can send a notice letter to inform people of your time off work.

You need to add all the dates that you require off work and the reasons behind it. Knowing when to send a notice letter for time off work can be difficult, so it is recommended to take a look at handing in a notice letter to find out exactly when you should send it.

Here is the template for a holiday notice letter, when you create your own, make sure you add all the correct information, and make it clear and precise. 

Letter of notice template for a holiday

Each company and business is different and therefore has different policies. Make sure you are aware of your company policy before starting to write a notice letter. It could be that you need to request the time off first, therefore we recommend that you look at request letter and all the different types of request letter.

Do you still need more information? Take a look at what is a request letter to fully understand the concept before writing.

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