Thank you letter after interview

There are many survey's that prove that writing a thank you letter after interview increases the chances of getting a job; moreover, there are managers who state that they would never hire someone who didn't send, at least a thank you note. Since the most people don't send an appreciation letter after an interview this might provide you a strong advantage in front of your competitors and make a stronger impression in the eyes of the interviewer.

Appreciation letter after interview

So, below you will find the major things to keep in mind when writing your post interview thank you email/letter.

  • Send it within 24 hours after the interview; this is the only reason why an email is more effective in this situations - a letter has a few chances to get to the destination on time.
  • Take advantage of this job interview thank you letter to reinforce your enthusiasm about the position and about the company.
  • You can now say more specifically why you are the right candidate for that post because now you know more about what the position implies. Benefit from this.
  • Express courtesy and consideration about the person who interview you.
  • If you missed to mention something during the interview or if the conversation letting you with misunderstandings about something, this is the chance to say or to ask.
  • Remember that this is a chance to prove that you are a skilled communicator.

How to write a thank you letter after interview

We are not in doubts that you still got questions about how your appreciation letter should look like, but don't you worry, and follow these guidelines:

  • Start with professional greetings: Dear..., Mr/Ms...
  • ALWAYS keep in mind that this is a business writing and it must follow the formal letter rules.
  • Keep your message short, but complete.
  • Catch your reader's attention from the first paragraph and keep a direct language throughout the text.
  • If there were many people who interview you, remember to thank them all; you never know who carry the decision of hiring you.
  • State something that you liked most of the interview/company/discussion, but be as sincere as possible, otherwise you will sound fake, and you will look fawning.
  • End it communicating that you are looking forward to be announced when the decision will be made.
  • Proofread your letter loudly before sending it. TWICE!

Now, a concrete example is never too much, so here you have a thank you letter after interview sample.

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