Cover Letter vs CV

A cover letter is an additional document that you might be required to hand in along with your CV when applying for a job. When handing in your cover letter, you should check about what is needed from you and how many other documents you need to attach to your application. It is very common for an employer to ask for your covering letter and CV together as they are written to compliment each other.

Curriculum Vitae DefinitionCovering Letter or CV

A CV is a document that displays a person's academic and professional profile by giving details on their work history and achievements in a formal layout. It differs to what is a cover letter, which is used as a more personal introduction of a candidate rather than a professional summary. A CV provides factual details while a cover letter will be more descriptive.

Differences Between a Cover Letter and a CV

Here is a brief list of some of the differences between a curriculum vitae and a covering letter:

  • Length: a cover letter is brief and less then 1 page, a CV is detailed and can be up to 2 pages
  • Content: a CV contains factual information about yourself and working history, a cover letter gives relevant details on personal qualities and most current achievement and experience

  • Purpose: a cover letter is an introduction to yourself and compliments your CV by showing how you fit for the position, a CV acts as background details on your working history to show what you have done and where

In order to understand more clearly, have a look at some cover letter examples that display how one should be written and presented.

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