Networking Cover Letter

A networking cover letter is another different style of cover letter that is sent to companies when you are searching for a new job.

Similar to the letter of interest, you are not writing this cover letter for a job that has been specifically advertised but again you are making an inquiry. This time, however, it is an inquiry for help rather than an inquiry to future positions.

What is a Networking Cover Letter?

Network LetterA networking cover letter is used to help you build your web of contacts within the working world. In many cases, job posts are filled through referrals and word of mouth of other employees or employers before they are even advertised. This means that the more people you are in contact with, the more likely it will be to hear about possible job possiblities before they are opened up to the general public. A network letter will help you present yourself as a great candidate as it shows eagerness to work.

Networking Letter Content

The cover letter format will be a good starting point to help you construct what to write in your networking cover letter. This type of cover letter can be addressed to a wider variety of people: friends, family, employers. It is a request for job seeking assistance to improve your chances of hearing about a new job. Things you should remember when writing a network letter:

  • Be friendly! This type of letter is more casual ad informal.
  • Be clear on what you want to achieve, to find a job or be recommended for one.
  • Respect that the other person will have their own job and work to worry about, they may have time constraints.
  • Ask for help! Ask them to keep you in mind, or contact you if they hear anything, or ask around certain departments.

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