Other introduction letter templates

The most common introduction letters are usually within occupations, aimed at businesses and companies. But you may be required to write an introduction letter for a visa or for a university application.

An introduction letter is used to introduce yourself to an institution, company or other people. It is designed to allow you to make a good first impression if written well. 

Are you still unsure about how to start an introduction letter? Make sure you check out introduction letter ideas to help you plan the best possible introduction letter.

Templates for letters of introduction

Introduction letter templates

As well as occupational introduction letters, there are also other types of introduction letters that you can send to people, institutions and other organisations. Each introduction letter is different and therefore requires concentration and organisation of your ideas before hand in order to write the perfect introduction letter.

You should adapt each one to the different situations and apply the relevant information.

Take a look at the different introduction letter templates below.

  • Introduction letter for bank template
  • Introduction letter for visa template
  • Introduction letter for university template
  • Introduction letter dating template
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