Handing in a Notice Letter

A notice letter is designed to give someone notice about some information. There are different kinds of situations for notice letters, but as a generic rule; you must be aware of the notice period for anything that involves a signed contract.

Before writing your notice letter, you should organise yourself and your time beforehand. This notice period can vary between companies and it depends who you are sending your notice letter to.

Are you all organised to start writing? How to write a notice letter has the step by step guide in creating the perfect notice letter for every situation.

Notice Letter

When to hand in your notice letter?

Knowing when to hand in a notice letter can be difficult because there are many different types of notice letters. The notice period can vary for different companies depending on what you are informing them about.

For an occupation or a tenancy agreement, you should be aware of the notice period before you start writing your notice letter. Some companies can be very strict on notice periods and therefore if you know you are leaving on a certain date, you need to allow yourself enough time to hand in your notice letter.

If it is a notice letter to inform someone about a change in name or address, the notice period is more lenient and therefore there isn't as much pressure, but you should still be aware of the time scale.

How to hand in your notice letter?

Similar to the notice period each company is different in terms of accepting a notice letter. First you need to think about what you are telling them about. If it's a termination of contract, a formal written letter handed in by hand would be best. However if it is to inform someone about a change of name or change of address then a formal email or letter would suffice.

You need to think about what you are writing the letter about and then decide which form of letter would be best suited to the situation.

Have you found out all the information you need? Ready to get started? Take a look at the notice letter templates and follow the one that best suits your situation.


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