How to Write a Resignation Letter Email

Sending a resignation letter email in advance of putting your thoughts down properly in concrete, is seen as a substitute for if you can not find enough courage to have a face-to-face talk with your boss about leaving your job. Although, you will still need to hand in your resignation letter formally in addition to this. The email resignation letter format should only be used if there is no possible way to have a personal conversation with your employer beforehand.

Protocol for an Email Resignation Letter

These simple guidelines will help you avoid making mistakes when writing your resignation letter:

  • To: email address of your boss
  • Subject: this needs to be something that will catch your boss´ eye as they scroll through emails, make it clear that it is a resignation email and ensure to include your name in the subject as work email addresses sometimes do not make it clear who is sending the email
  • Addressing to: formal greeting at the start of the message, full name of your boss with appropriate title
  • First Paragraph: state your intentions about leaving your job, if you wish to include your leaving date and your job position then do so

  • Second Paragraph (optional): reasons for leaving, gratitude towards the company for the opportunities they have given you
  • Final Paragraph: state whether you are willing to help during the transition period and if so to what extent, ask about any outstanding leave and work benefits
  • Signing off: formal greeting, your full name, including your job title is optional

It is common to expect a response to your resignation email from your employer.

View some resignation letter samples.


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