Invitation Letter Notarised

When an invitation letter or any other letter for that matter is said to be notarized, it means that it has been stamped or sealed by an outside party to prove that the signature or letter is legitimate.

For an invitation letter to be notarized it can mean that the event being held is extremely official and could be to do with a worldwide or national enterprise, or someone attending or hosting the function is powerful and important.

This method of sending an invitation letter that has been notarized does not affect how to write an invitation letter. It is simply an additional factor to legitimise an important person, occasion or event.

Notary Stamp Invitation Letter

How to Get an Invitation Letter Notarized?

An invitation letter will need to be notarized when the event itself, the person hosting, or a person in attendance, must be confirmed legitimate. The letter of invitation must be signed in front of someone who is classed as part of the notary public, that means any public official who has been given this authority. It may be a local townsperson or police officer. You will need to arrange a meeting and make sure you have the correct documents to confirm who you are or the event you are organising/attending.

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