What is an Invitation Letter

An invitation letter can be a formal or informal invite sent by anyone for numerous reasons. All invitations will involve requesting the presence of a person, or group of people, to attend an event or some sort of visit. Invitation letters will usually be sent in advance in order to give the recipient time to plan ahead.

Invitation letters can be separated into two main groups: invitation letters for a visa and social invitation letters. The two are quite different and will require different formalities due to the different purposes. They will also have different layouts and tones of voices.

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Who will Write an Invitation Letter?

Typically, invitation letters can come from anyone and it all depends on the purpose that they are writing. When sending an invitation letter, it can be done in person, over the phone, online or in the post. Here are some suggestions on where an invitation letter could come from:

  • Businesses or companies inviting you to an event or opening/closing ceremony
  • Couples or families inviting you to a celebration/party
  • Embassies sending a visitor invitation to a country
  • Conference organisers inviting you to be a speaker or give a presentation
  • Friends inviting you to social gatherings

Have a look at our invitation letter samples to view the different styles in more detail.

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