Sending an Invitation Letter

An invitation letter can come in several different forms and the way you want to send your invitation letter is completely down to personal preference. It is advisable though to think about what method is easiest for yourself and your recipients.

After you know how to write an invitation letter, the next step will be figuring out how exactly to send it out. Organising any event will take lots of planning so depending on the amount of people you want to invite, you will need to choose the most appropriate method of invitation.

Methods for Sending an Invitation Letter

Sending an invitation letter is all part of the planning for the event you are hosting. Think about the formality of the occasion when choosing which type of invite to send.

  • Verbal invitations: used for informal events, sent when recipient group is a small quantity, very casual form of invite, short time period needed for response.

  • Online invitations: can be formal or informal depending on what site and design is used, can also be sent in email form, used when recipient group is quite large, time period needed is longer than that of a verbal invitation, different types of designs available.
  • Postal invitations: used for formal events, sent for larger recipient groups, longer time period needed for a response, usually used for important occasions, more official form of invite.
  • Hand-delivered invitations: least common method, very formal method of invitation, recipient group not too large, response time period variable, used in extreme situations to make a big impression.

Check out our invitation letter samples.


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