How to Write an Invitation Letter

Writing an invitation letter for social reasons is different compared to how to write an invitation letter for a visa because the two topics are separate from each other. Within social invitation letters you can get some that are formal and some that are less formal.

An invitation letter in this case can either be from a business inviting you to an event or from someone you know such as family members or friends inviting you to celebrate an occasion together. In both cases the formality of the letter of invitation will depend on the size and reason for the function.

Invitation Letter Outline

This is a guide to writing an invitation letter that is quite basic. If you would like to add more details or sections, it is completely up to you to customise your invite. Also it is your choice on how formal to be depending on the tone of voice you want to create. Although, remember to include these main points:

  • Details: recipient address for post or email, name of the person being addressed
  • Greeting: themed functions might want to use this as an opportunity to get the recipient excited, formal/informal greeting, name(s) of invited person or people

  • Introduction: introduce yourself as host, the occasion for the invite, details about your company (for business invites), background about the event
  • Main information: date, time, location, dress code, reason for event
  • Ending: appreciation/encouragement to attend event, RSVP
  • Sign-off: your name, details, any extra details they might need

Our invitation letter samples will provide further information on how to write an invitation letter.


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