Customer service appreciation letter

A customer service appreciation letter is the thank you note that many of us neglect to send, not matter how well we've been attended by a customer service department. In today's world we, as customers, have plenty of opportunity to express our feeling toward a company. We have the power to harm (even to destroy) the reputation of a company, and also we are those who can dictate the success of a brand.

As well as providing feedback when we are dissatisfied, it is important to send a customer thank you letter each time we are content of the way we were treated by the representative of a business. Sending a letter of appreciation for good service demonstrates gentleness, kindness, and can often be a significant thing for somebody concerning his professional life. It is also a great way to create a positive connection with someone you might get in contact with in the future.

Appreciation letter for customer service

We tend to complain too often and express our gratitude to seldom. Surely, there are enough situations when we are well attended by a hotel, a restaurant, a cosmetic salon or by a hospital, but we simply take it for granted. Don't forget to express your gratitude for good service every time you are are satisfied of the way you were treated by a company; it can mean a lot for someone, and it can motivate the company to continue providing quality work. Besides, who doesn't want his efforts to be recognised and appreciated?!

Tips to write an appreciation letter for customer service

  • Mention the name of the person who did a good job in attending you, so that he get the credit for his work.
  • Remember to follow the rules of this type of letter which can find in our article on appreciation letter. Also, if you need additional information on it, here you can see how to write an appreciation letter.
  • Express the main idea in the first paragraph, and keep the letter short and clear, avoiding flourishing your language or exaggerate.
  • Mention the precise facts for which you are grateful, what the customer service did for you that left you a good impression.
  • Use a positive tone in writing your appreciation letter for good performance company.
  • End your letter of appreciation for good service stating your gratitude toward the enterprise at a whole, and encourage them to keep up the good work.

At the opposite end of a great attendance is the bad experience you might have with a company. For this kind of situations, check our complaint letter samples.

If you need a concrete example, here you have a sample letter of appreciation for customer service.

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