Advice for Writing a Business Letter

Because there are so many possibilities for writing a business letter, it is hard to pinpoint the exact things to look out for. These tips should help you understand more clearly what should be included in your business letter format and how to approach writing your formal letter. Most of these are useful to keep for when writing any other type of letter too. Check out some business letter salutations to help you round up your letter both at the beginning and the end.

  • Have a clear purpose set in your mind to be the focal point of the letter.
  • Know who you are approaching and who will be reading your letter on the other side.
  • Select the correct format and layout, whether it is a posted, printed or email letter.
  • If your letter is a follow-up or reply, be receptive to what has been said in the previous exchange.
  • Stay on topic and avoid diverging to other subjects.
  • Inlcude a colon after opening salutations, depending on company and personal preference.
  • Remember this is a formal letter, check over spelling and grammar!
  • If this is one letter in a chain of exchanges, initiate a response or indicate your reply if you are not addressing the problem straight away.

Business Letter Format Tips

Here is some advice specifically to do with the layout and business letter format. Take a look at what is included in a business letter format first.

  • Choose which block format style to use and stay consistent.
  • Write your business letter in a standard font and size to maintain professional.
  • Use correct punctuation throughout, especially after opening salutation (colon) and closing remarks (comma).
  • Include any company letterhead or logo images depending on what is normally done.
  • Print on professional paper, keep it simple and clean.

Have a look at our business letter samples to get a better idea of how the format looks.


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