How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation is a new, modern and fast way to communicate why someone is a good colleague to work with or work for. With the rise of technology and the increasing popularity of LinkedIn within the professional field, it is now a vital part of the working world to understand how to recommend someone. The usual tips and advice for recommendation letters still applies, however, with a few adjustments in the process.

Recommendation for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Recommendation Letter Guidelines

Unlike the recommendation letter format for a job or how to write an academic recommendation letter, a LinkedIn recommendation is usually a two-way process where you are likely to write a recommendation back for the person that has written you one. Another difference is that LinkedIn recommendations stay on your profile forever, this is more useful and avoids asking someone for a recommendation letter every time you may need one.

  • To write and receive LinkedIn recommendations, you must first be a user of the site with a profile and have a first-degree connection with the person

  • Asking for a recommendation: more informal than asking for a recommendation letter, done virtually online by sending them a request, but more commonly by writing them a recommendation and the favour being returned
  • Outline: short and concise, avoid using non-personal descriptions and generic compliments, be specific, include your relationship and an anecdote
  • Profile: the user will have to approve the recommendation before it becomes public on their profile for others to view

LinkedIn recommendations tend to be more informal with a simpler format that allows users to reciprocate the favour for each other. It facilitates browsing future employee profiles and is generally a mixture of both a recommendation letter and a reference letter to create a new online hybrid.

If you still have doubts, try looking at some recommendation letter samples.

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