Writing a Personal Apology Letter

A personal apology letter will have a similar format to how to write an apology letter for a business apology letter or a professional apology letter. The main difference being that in a personal apology letter the relationship between the two people involved will more likely be closer. Because of this, it is even more important that the apology is sincere to mend the relationship.

Our advice on apology letter wording and apology letter help is useful to know how to say what you want to in an appropriate manner and will hopefully clear up any more doubts you have. Remember to stick to the point when writing a personal apology letter and focus on the specific reason you are writing.

Personal Apology Letter Format

This is an outline you can use when writing your apology letter but as this style is more personal, you might want to include more information where necessary:

  • Address: recipient details (if applicable, not always necessary)
  • Salutation: more likely to be a personal greeting

  • Introduction: apology for what you have done wrong or what went wrong
  • Main body: explanation of events, taking responsibility for your actions, trying to resolve the situation, reassuring the same will not happen again, showing remorse, suggesting to meet and sort things out, show sincerity
  • Conclusion: reiterate apology and main points, show desire to sort everything out
  • Sign-off: end the letter on a personal greeting

Different Ways to Send an Apology

For personal situations, it is your choice whether an apology letter is the best method. Sometimes having a personal chat first is appropriate and if this is not successful then sending a letter of apology is your next option. An apology email should never be used unless there is no other way of getting in contact with the person. This is because an email format is impersonal and could be seen as lazy.

View some apology letter samples for more ideas.

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