Personal Apology Letter

This style of apology letter differs to a business apology letter and a professional apology letter. It concerns a person doing something wrong to someone they love or care about and can refer to a family relationship or the relationship between a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Personal Letter of ApologyPersonal apology letters could perhaps be more difficult to write as the emotions involved are more intense because the relationship between the people involved will be closer, than say a business and a client in a business apology letter. Writing a personal apology letter is then important to get right, especially if you can not express yourself as clearly in person.

Reasons for a Personal Apology Letter

The following reasons for why a personal apology letter might be needed are just a handful of explanations and do not represent all the possibilities. Each individual situation will be different and you should decide yourself whether an apology letter is appropriate or not. Have a look at some apology letter help if you are unsure.

  • Your actions or words have hurt a friend.

  • Disappointing your parents.
  • Cheating on your girlfriend/boyfriend and being unfaithful.
  • When your bad behaviour has caused a loved one to become upset.
  • If there has been some sort of miscommunication between you and a friend/family member/partner.

Check out some apology letter samples for further details.


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