Apology Letter Help

Here is some more advice on what to keep in mind for your apology letter. These tips are all part of how to write your apology letter, whether it be a business apology letter, personal apology letter or professional apology letter.

  • Make sure you write and send your apology letter within an appropriate period of time from when the incident happened - don’t wait too long!
  • Focus on the future and what you will do to rectify the situation rather than dwelling on what you did wrong.
  • Try to be concise and stick the point rather than talk on and on.
  • Be respectful and understanding by having a sincere tone.
  • Even if both parties are to blame, take responsibility for the your contribution to the matter.
  • Arrange some way of speaking again to show dedication to sorting out the problem.
  • Use appropriate apology letter wording.

Apology Letter Keywords

This is a brief list on some extra apology letter wording you can use:

  • I would like to apologise for…
  • I am very sorry about…
  • ...to sincerely apologise for…
  • It was all because of…
  • It might be a good idea if…
  • The fact of the matter is…
  • ...I would appreciate your forgiveness.

Check out our apology letter samples to see how these are used.


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