Social Invitation Letters

There are many different types of invitation letter for social reasons that will range from small, intimate events to larger ones. Social invitation letters requires less research and details compared to an invitation letters for a visa.

Invitation Letter to a PartyIf you are sending an invitation letter, make sure to give your recipients enough time to think about the invite and be able to respond. For larger events, you might want to give an RSVP date; to find out more about what to include have a look at how to write an invitation letter.

What is a Social Invitation Letter?

If you are planning a social event, such as a party, it is important that you send an invitation letter to your guests. A social invitation can be used for a child's birthday party or a business function and there are many more reasons that you can read about below. The important thing to remember is that this type of invitation letter can be personalized and individualized depending on the occasion.

Invitation Letter Reasons

Here are a few suggestions for occasions where you would want to write an invitation letter:

  • Inviting your family and friends to attend your wedding
  • Hosting a birthday celebration for yourself or someone else

  • Organising a lunch/dinner event with work, for friends, or with family
  • Inviting clients to attend an exhibition for a charity, for art, or for a company
  • Sending invites as a university/college to attend a student’s graduation
  • Organising a conference where you will need a guest or keynote speaker
  • Business meetings within corporations or between different corporations
  • Inviting people for any other social party, such as Christmas/new year/housewarming

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By looking at a selection of our invitation letter samples, you can get an idea of the layout. Our advice for writing an invitation letter will offer you further help.

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