Online Cover Letter Procedure

Online cover letter submissions have become more popular with the growth of online job applications. This has not altered the cover letter format but simply the process for handing in your cover letter. Different job postings will have different processes so be sure to research on what you need to do, what documents to hand in and how it should be done.

How to Hand in an Online Cover Letter

In the case of online cover letters, you will most likely be asked to upload the document from your computer files to the web application. You should still take care to look over your cover letter for the job and make sure it has been edited for the specific posting. The cover letter format will not change but you may be asked to answer additional application questions. The same is true for a motivation letter for university, as most organisations find online applications easier to use. Try not to repeat what has already been written in your cover letter for the reason that the employer/university may look over the online application before going through your attached documents; include any important information in those answers first. Also, remember to double check that you have correctly uploaded the file and that it is the right document because if an employer is missing any information, they might just skip through your whole application.

Sending an Email Cover Letter

It is possible for you to send your cover letter by email rather than by post or handing it in personally as this process tends to be easier. This means that you need to remain articulate in your email message as well to show the recipient that you are professional. The email cover letter will tend to be sent as an attachment rather than in the email itself along with your CV and any other required documents. The cover letter for university and the cover letter for a job can both be sent this way depending on what is asked for. Keep your email message short and formal, explaining who you are and what you are applying for. Draw the recipient´s attention to your attached document rather than explaining everything in the email. Look at our tips and advice on writing a cover letter for more information.

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