Letter of Interest

A letter of interest is a formal document that is classed within the cover letter category. It is the specific name for a cover letter that is sent when no specific job has been advertised.

The main aim of a letter of interest is to inquire about any possible job openings or information on future positions at a company.

Differences Between a Cover Letter vs Letter of Interest

Although essentially both these letters are sent to employers with hopes of gaining a job, there are a few subtle differences between the two:

  • Purpose: a cover letter is sent to apply for an official job post, a letter of interest is sent to inquire about any future job posts
  • Content: a letter of interest is more general and expresses your general skills and interest in the company, a cover letter should be detailed specifically to a job description and what is needed for that position.
  • Addressing: a cover letter should have a particular person as the point of contact, a letter of interest will be addressed to a company as a whole.
  • Attachments: a letter of interest will be sumbitted alone while a cover letter will have supporting materials.

How to Write a Letter of Interest

A letter of interest will be similar to the cover letter format but you will want to make a few changes as you are not writing to apply to a specific job, or you might not even be writing to a specific person.

  • Find out first if there is anyone you know at the company or any links you may have.
  • Try to mention a specific reason that you are interested in working for the corporation such as a future project they are working on or a previous achievement.
  • Give details on the particular department and job you would want to be doing.
  • Spark a strong interest in wanting to meet with someone at the company.

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