Cover Letter Length

Writing a cover letter is different to writing a CV and this includes how long they should be. For more information on the differences, have a look at cover letter vs cv. You should bear in mind that a CV will accumulate all your previous working and academic history whereas a cover letter should focus more on why your previous history is relevant to that particular job posting.

In your cover letter format you should include details that will persuade the recipient you are the right candidate for the position you are applying for. It is not a good idea to simply just repeat everything in your CV otherwise you will have a cover letter that is too long in length and that is simply a repeat of your CV.

How Long Should a Cover Letter be?

Generally, a cover letter is no longer that one side of A4 paper and in rare cases is it even a full page in length. It should definitely not be as long as your resume because it is supposed to be a summary and complimentative document that can be look at quickly by an employer. Honestly speaking, most applications are skimmed through during the process and are only read in depth if they have caught the employer´s eye. This is why your cover letter should be kept concise and to the point to intrigue its reader.

Visit out tips and advice for writing a cover letter page if you have any more doubts. Also, take a look at some cover letter examples to view the appropriate cover letter length.

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