Cover Letter Closing

When ending a cover letter you want to remain polite and formal as this is the last impression you give and it completes your cover letter format. Many people are unsure on how to end a cover letter because of all the different possibilities you can say. Looking at some tips and advice for writing a cover letter could help you improve not only the cover letter closing but the whole letter in general.

Before signing-off you letter with a greeting and a signature, your closing paragraph should capture the recipient´s attention by coming across as enthusaistic and passionate. You want to leave a lingering memory to encourage a response. If you are one of many candidates either writing a cover letter for a job or a motivation letter for university, companies will skim-read many applications, focusing on the first and final paragraphs.

How to End a Cover Letter?

A cover letter will always end with a formal greeting, your signature by hand for a printed letter, and your full name and contact details. Most people get confused on what greeting to use if they know someone or they do not, so here are a few suggestions on what you could use:

  • Best/Kind regards: friendlier option but still formal
  • Yours sincerely: most common
  • Yours faithfully: when you have no relation to that person
  • Yours truly: when you know the person

Our cover letter examples show you exactly how this is done and could help you see more clearly what to do.

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