Request Letter for change in work schedule template

Our circumstances can change in our everyday lives, and when this happens, other things need to change around us. A request letter can be a useful piece of paper to make life easier when those changes happen.

You may have an ill relative who needs to be looked after, or you might need to change your work schedule to take your children to an extra curricular activity. What ever the change outside of work, you can request for a change within work to make life that little bit easier.

Still unsure about what a request letter is? Make sure you fully understand the concept before attempting to write one.

However, you need to have a valid reason for the change, you can't request a change just because you would like it. The change needs to be relevant, specific and not detrimental to the company.

Do you still need more tips on writing a request letter? If not and you are ready to start, take a look at this template to use and adapt it to your own preferences.

Letter of Request for a change in work schedule


Writing a request letter is a formal way of requesting a change in your work schedule and becomes a form of written evidence during the process. There are always some problems that we need to adapt to and using a request letter is a good way of starting the adaptation process.

Is a change of schedule not necessary? Do you just need a few days off work? Take a look at a request letter for time off work template and use it to suit your preferences.

Need more help? Visit how to write a request letter to learn about all the essential information that you need.

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