Sending a Request Letter

A request letter is a way of asking for more information from a business, company or institute. It is a form of asking permission to do something, use something or request information.

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There are many different types of request letters and there are different ways that you can send a request letter depending on the company. You can send a letter by hand or by email. Each company, business or institute has a different format so make sure you find out which they prefer before planning your request letter.

Sending a request letter

When to send a request letter

Sending a request letter can be a daunting task and you need to allow yourself enough time to plan, send and to hopefully receive a reply. Businesses and companies can be very busy especially if you are sending a request letter directly to the manager so it is best to plan in advance.

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Each company has different rules with notice periods. If you are requesting time off work for example, you need to give your company sufficient notice, always following company guidelines. You need to allow enough time for the company or institute to respond so give yourself a few weeks in order to write the letter, send it and receive a reply.

There are many different types of request letters and therefore each time scale will differ depending on the purpose of the letter. Have a look at the request letter templates to get a better idea of what to include.

How to send a request letter

Different request letters to different companies are received in different ways. Each company is different. If you are sending a request letter to a person within your occupation, you can give your request letter by hand to the appropriate person.

If you are sending a request letter to a person or a company who you don't know or is far away you can send a request letter by email. Some companies prefer you to send an email rather than a letter therefore you need to know their preferences before hand. Ready to start writing your request letter? Learn how to write a request letter to ensure that you have all the essential elements to create a successful request letter.


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