How to write a Request Letter

A request letter follows the basic format as a formal letter and is also written in a professional manner. It is a polite request asking for more information, requesting to do something or asking permission for something. A request letter should be professional, direct and precise.

Ready to start writing? Take a look at opening and closing a request letter to make an excellent request letter from start to finish!

You should limit a request letter to one page and only include relevant information. A request letter can be a helpful tool to find out more information about a particular topic, or to ask permission to do something. Writing a request letter can answer those unanswered questions and ensure that you have all the correct information.

Learn about what is a request letter and find out all the information you need before starting to compose it!

How to write a request letter

What to include

A request letter includes the basic concepts of a formal letter. The letter needs to include specific information about the topic that you are asking about. For example requesting time off at work you need to add specific dates and reasons. A request letter should include relevant information with specific details.

Depending on what you are requesting you need to include information relevant to the purpose of the letter. You should restrict your request letter to one page to ensure the elimination of irrelevant information.

You should have a clear purpose and objective in your request letter and make it clear at the beginning of the letter and throughout the letter. Have a look at more tips for writing a request letter to ensure that you don't miss any of the essential elements.

What not to include

A request letter shouldn't be a generic letter. Don't include any irrelevant information, but keep the letter specific and to the point but in a professional manner.

A request letter shouldn't be unrealistic but should have a realistic purpose and aim. Don't include any false information, but make sure all the information is correct and precise. When writing a request letter, don't take an informal approach, this can come across as unprofessional and reckless.

There are many types of request letters and therefore each one is different. Have a look at the request letter templates to adapt it and to help you create your very own request letter.

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