Referral Cover Letter

This type of cover letter known as a referral cover letter includes the mention of a common contact within the cover letter format. It is the most similar style to the standardised cover letter, as it is aimed at a specific job application unlike a networking cover letter or a letter of interest.

You may use a referral cover letter when you have been told about a job posting through a mutual friend of the employer, someone you know who works at the company, or after building a relationship by networking letters. Whichever the case, it is a good idea to mention the relationship within your cover letter.

Why is a Referral Cover Letter Useful?

Within your first paragraph of your cover letter, you should aim to have mentioned your referral contact and the relationship you have with them. The reason why you do this at the start is to make the employer aware of your contacts and also because if there is a mutual contact, your cover letter is more likely to be read first and passed on. Employers will always want to give the job to someone they know and trust and this is why if you have a referral contact they can associate you with that person and their work ethic. Don't forget to mention how you know the person in addition to just who they are. If you want more help, see our tips and advice for writing a cover letter.

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