Letter of Recommendation in Spanish

You may need a letter of recommendation written in Spanish if you are planning on applying for a job or university place in Spain/Latin America. If this is the case, it is good to understand the differences in layout and what needs to be included. When writing a recommendation letter for a position in another country, always research whether your recommendation letter needs to be written in the host language and if so, how to format it in that language.

Recommendation Letter Format in Spanish for a Job

A Spanish recommendation letter ought to follow a certain outline in order to display the different topics of discussion in an organised manner. The structure is adaptable and the amount of detail to include is dependent on what the recipient company requires. As a general rule, the recommendation letter format is formal and needs to be thorough.

  • Header: (top left of the page) details of the person writing the letter, name, title, company and contact details
  • Greeting: formal, personalised if you know the recipient, general greeting if not
  • Opening paragraph: explain the relationship between you and the subject, why you are the correct person to be writing the letter
  • Main body: information on the subject, the work they have done, the skills they have, why they would be right for the job, sometimes mention of personal qualities if you have information on the job post
  • Closing paragraph: emphasis on why you would recommend the subject for this post
  • Signing-off: inform them that they can contact you for more details, end with formal closing, your name, position and hand signature

Academic Recommendation Letter Format in Spanish

Generally, academic letters of recommendation in Spanish will follow the same guidelines, but it is suggested to check with the specific academic body if there are any extra requirements. The length should approximately be 1.5 pages with as much detail and specific examples as possible.

  • Date: (top left), city, day, month, year
  • Recipient details: (under date, right side), name, department, university or other academic body, city
  • Addressing to: who you are writing the recommendation letter for, formal addressing to recipient with full name (underneath)
  • Opening paragraph: why you are writing, name of student you are writing about, the programme of study they wish to complete and department
  • Main body: relationship with student, their personal qualities and academic skills, use positive language and specific examples, why they are right for the programme
  • Closing paragraph: specific qualities of the student and emphasis on why they want to study this programme, your contact details for further information
  • Signing-off: your name, job title, hand signature

It might be useful to check out some recommendation letter samples to have a better understanding.

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