Handing In a Cover Letter

Job applications will usually as for a cover letter along with your CV and a separate application for the specific job, all depending on the company and the way they handle their applications. Your cover letter can be given in by person or by an online cover letter procedure. The same will apply for handing in a motivation letter.

Cover Letter Give-InNot only is your cover letter format important with regards to the content you have included, also with writing a motivation letter, but the physical presentation will also be judged by employers or universities. This is the judgment that will be made about you before being able to meet with the recipient in person, so make sure it is a good impression!

Tips for Handing In a Cover Letter

Things you should consider when giving in a cover letter for a job application or a motivation letter for university:

  • Use plain, white paper. Avoid patterned or coloured paper that draws attention away from what you have written.
  • Make sure your cover letter does not get scrumpled or ruined with creases or marks.

  • Posted letters should be in a sealed envelope with the correct address and stamp.
  • Put your letter in an appropriate size envelope, not too big and not too small.
  • If handing in an application in person, an envelope is not always necessary but make sure all documents are somehow stapled or clipped together.

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