What is a Motivation Letter

A motivation letter is a formal document that you may be asked to write in certain application procedures. When thinking about what is a cover letter, it is important to note that there is a subtle difference between a cover letter vs motivation letter. A motivational letter is a subcategory of a cover letter.

Motivation Letter Purposes

There are several occasions where you might be asked to hand in a motivation letter instead of a cover letter. It is worth remembering that despite there being a difference in the two types of letters, most companies will still ask for a motivation letter by calling it a cover letter. Here are a few main reasons you could be asked to write a motivation letter:

  • When applying to university/college/graduate school to persuade the educational body that you are a worthy student for a place on that course.
  • When applying for a scholarship to persuade the recipient you are a good candidate that needs the financial support they are willing to offer.

  • When applying for a voluntary job to persuade the employer you will work hard at a non-paid job and will be an asset and a help.
  • When applying for an internship to persuade the employer that you are the right candidate for this opportunity.

 Why is a Motivation Letter Important?

It is crucial to get this right and for further help have a look at some tips and advice for writing a cover letter that are also applicable to writing a motivation letter. You need to include persuasive language to make sure that the person reading the motivation letter understands your passion and enthusiasm. In principal, you want to sell yourself as the ebst person for the position.

Have a look at some cover letter examples to see the differences between a cover and motivation letter.

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