Request letter job transfer template

Working as part of a company with several stores across the country has its benefits. On some occasions we have to relocate and being able to transfer your job which you already have the skills for is an added bonus.

A request letter is the perfect tool to use when asking to transfer your job to another location. Remember to always check the notice period that you need to give as each company is different. Take a look at sending a request letter as a reminder.

When requesting a job transfer you need to know the exact dates when you are moving and which store you would like to transfer to. Take a look at the following template and adapt it to your own preferences!

Letter of request for a job transfer

Make sure the dates and time scale that you include in your request letter are correct to the best of your knowledge and that you have a valid reason why you would like a transfer.

Revise opening and closing a request letter to make sure you know all the elements of a request letter, and make sure you don't miss any of them out!

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