Different Types of Business Letter

Just like other types of letters, the category of business letters can encompass several different purposes. They can be exchanged between customers and businesses, clients and businesses or businesses with other businesses. Sometimes a business letter may include all of these audiences in one, although this is quite rare to see.

  • Inquiry: about a product, service or future/past business relationship
  • Request: for information, about a person, a solution to a problem, special request for help or to receive something
  • Orders: exchange of products between businesses, or from clients/customers to businesses

  • Sales: of a product, to help a cause, to try a service or attend an event
  • Acknowledgement: a simple reply to state you have received previous communication, statement on what to expect next
  • Follow-up: when you have not received a response you wanted, or no response
  • Others: cover letter, resignation letter, recommendation letter

To have a look at some business letter samples might help you even more.

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