Types of Advice Letter

An advice letter is giving advice or instructions to the recipient. An advice letter can be very varied because there are many different situations where you can give advice or instructions.

There are two main types of advice letter. A formal advice letter and an informal advice letter. Each one needs to include different aspects and follow a different set up. A formal advice letter should follow the format of a formal letter, whereas an informal advice letter is less restrictive.

An informal advice letter is usually sent to family members or close friends and therefore it is at your discretion as to what you add within an informal advice letter.

Different types of advice letter

Aims of an advice letter

The aim of an advice letter is to give instructions about how to complete a certain tasks. These types of advice letter are usually formal and are usually sent to companies or businesses.

The other aim of an advice letter is to give advice, encouragement and support to people who might be struggling in a difficult time in their lives. You can write an advice letter to offer encouraging words.

Each advice letter depends on the different situations and the type of people you are sending the advice letter to. You should adapt each advice letter to each recipient and to the different topics.

Take a look at the different types of advice letter templates below and adapt each one to suit your situations.

Informal advice letter templates

Formal advice letter templates

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