Recommendation Letter for Landlord

Need a recommendation letter from a previous landlord? Or do you need to write a reference letter as the previous landlord? Here is a free recommendation letter template!

If you are moving accommodation and have been asked by your new landlord for a recommendation letter from your previous one, this is a letter template for a model recommendation letter for a landlord. It can be used as a guide for a previous landlord that needs to write a letter for their tenants.

Landlord Referent Letter

Should you be the person to write the recommendation letter, make sure to be honest and state clearly what problems you dealt with or that there were no problems at all. Check out the recommendation letter format and tips and advice for recommendation letters for further help.

Use this free letter template now! Click below and follow the link for your download to begin straight away. All you have to do is modify and enter the correct details. View more recommendation letter samples.

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Download Recommendation Letter for Landlord