What is a Formal Email

Writing a formal letter via email is something very common nowadays as digital communication is rapidly growing and taking over. The language used in a formal email should be similar to that of the formal letter vocabulary because the change from a printed letter to an email should not affect the formality of the letter itself.

Usually in other contexts the use of an email would be seen as less formal than a typed formal letter but there are certain things you can do to make sure your formal letter email is just as official. Take a look at how to write a formal email to see for a guide on what to do.

When to Write a Formal Email

If you are unsure of when it is appropriate to write a formal email then have a look at the list below for a few suggestions on when the situation will allow a formal letter via email in place of a printed formal letter:

  • If an email address is the only contact information you have, rather than a postal address.
  • When you are responding to someone that has contacted you by email in the first place.
  • If you are responding to something online such as an article, posting or query.
  • If someone has explicitly mentioned that you contact them by email.
  • When you need to send a formal letter immediately or need it to be received within a shorter time period.

Look at some formal letter rules that are also applicable to formal letter emails to use in your formal letter samples.


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