How to Write a Formal Email

A formal letter via email is a different format to a printed formal letter and is a form of online communication. It is usually used in professional circumstances, rather than personal situations where it is more likely to be informal, for numerous reasons.

Formal Letter via EmailFormal letter rules can still be applied to a formal email because the conventions will not change, simply the medium of communication. An important thing to remember when sending a formal email is to use a professional email address instead of a personal one that may include nicknames, numbers or informal words and spellings.

Formal Email Format

When writing your formal letter via email, keep the layout neat, organised and professional. If you are replying to a previous formal letter, delete all the extra information included at the beginning and end of an email chain as this takes up space and makes the format look messy.

Also bear in mind that just because you are using an email format, it does not signify that you can be any less formal. Your tone of voice should depend on the recipient of the letter and the reason why you are writing, but as a general rule of thumb stay as formal as you can.

Have a look at how to write a formal letter which will give you an indication on what needs to be said and how to present yourself. If you need help on opening and closing your formal email then visit formal letter vocabulary.

Take a look at some formal letter samples for further details.

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